International Repatriation Services

Repatriation is the process of returning the deceased back to their country of origin.  At Heaney Keenan we can assist with all of the necessary steps involved in processing the repatriation of a loved one to and from almost any country.

Repatriation to the UK & Ireland

The death of a loved one overseas can be made all the more stressful by the complications involved in the arrangement of their return home.  We can help by dealing with all relevant authorities and acquiring any permits and travel documents required to bring them home.  Some of the services we provide for repatriation to the UK and Ireland are:

  • Preparation of the deceased in accordance with local requirements
  • Arrangement of burial or cremation and memorial in the country where death occured
  • Organisation of all permits, documentation and flights
  • Provision of a coffin suitable for the transportation of the deceased
  • Organising the return of all luggage and personal effects
  • Arrangement of the funeral service at the final destination
  • Co-ordination with all relevant parties & government departments

Repatriation from the UK & Ireland

If you require the repatriation of a loved one from the UK or Ireland we can help.  Our experienced repatriation specialists will act immediately in order to ensure a fast and efficient transportation of the deceased to their home country.  Our repatriation experts will help you with:

  • Transporation to one of our premises from any location nationwide
  • Preparation of the deceased for the journey to their country of origin
  • Viewing in our chapel of rest
  • Supply of a coffin suitable for transportation
  • Liason with all relevant parties
  • Foreign Office and Consular visits in close proximity to our premises
  • Arrangement of flight for deceased, transfer to the airport and clearances
  • Provision of Floral Tributes
  • Obituary notices

Contact us today at our UK repatriations or Spanish repatriations offices for more information about repatriation services.


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